The One Thing

Priorities and Options

The answer to ending the cycle is to identify priorities and narrow the focus of work. After defining core values, purpose, and areas of mastery, next answer How: How best should we pursue our purpose? What priorities are worthwhile of the team’s attention and resources? What capabilities can the team master better than others in the market?

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“It is not enough to be busy. So are the ants. The question is: What are we busy about?” said Henry David Thoreau, an American Transcendentalism philosopher. A few things emerge from this:

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Saying No

I have a fear of saying No. I fear that doing so would mean missing out on opportunities. I fear disappointing others or hurting their feelings. I fear the confrontation and conflict that may come from saying No. I fear that others will think I’m not nice.

One Thing at a Time

Some days I pride myself on multitasking. But if I am honest, there is a huge cost incurred in switching between tasks and mindsets. Some activities are more operational, others more creative or strategic.

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Who is Lynn?



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Founder of Actv8 Network to increase the inclusion of women in tech. Author of The Altruistic Capitalist, about creating sustainable and prosperous businesses.