Resilience in Uncertainty

We are Connected

Our economic and financial markets are intertwined, and supply chains weave across borders. The crisis has worsened inflationary pressures that existed even before. The supply chain disruption will negatively impact lower-income households whose food and fuel are a higher proportion of their expenses.

Foster Relationships

We shouldn’t wait until we are unwell to exercise and eat well. We shouldn’t wait until we need a new job to build our professional networks. We shouldn’t wait until we feel overwhelmed to meditate or seek spiritual guidance.

Take Care of the “House” First

We can’t get anything done if we don’t have a “clean house”. By “house”, I mean our physical body and mental state. Proper nutrition, movement, and sleep are needed for our physical condition to function effectively throughout the day. Mental wellbeing is equally critical to our ability to manage our responses to events around us. When we are tired or feel overwhelmed, we are more easily triggered by our emotions and may react differently from how we would if we were in a better mental state.

Communicate Regularly and Transparently

Resilience in the workplace is equally important to weave into the fabric of the culture. At times of rapid change and uncertainty, leaders can’t communicate enough. Design ways where information can be shared seamlessly and in real-time. Transparency should be prioritized where the organization must mobilize teams quickly to respond to market changes. Consider upgrading information flows (including digitalization) to build a more responsive organization.

Inspire through Shared Purpose

Particularly in a crisis, leaders need to focus stakeholders on the shared purpose of the business. The shared purpose can rally groups together, bring hope and motivate the workforce.

Who is Lynn?

Lynn Yap is the author of The Altruistic Capitalist and founder of Actv8 Network, an organization focused on increasing the inclusion of women in technology and innovation. She is passionate about working with businesses to do good for people and the planet. Follow her on Instagram @altruisticcapitalist or sign-up for updates at See her in action here:



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Founder of Actv8 Network to increase the inclusion of women in tech. Author of The Altruistic Capitalist, about creating sustainable and prosperous businesses.