Myths about Homelessness, Art and Making Money

Myths About Homelessness

Mireya Fouche: I work with youth experiencing homelessness, and the reasons they are homeless are usually out of their control. Because they are adolescents and under-age, many enter the foster care system. Unfortunately, while they’re in the care of others, they aren’t taught basic life skills such as building credit, maintaining a job, or showing up on time — things that many of us are taught at a young age.

Mireya Fouche, Founder of One Heart One Soul. Hair Credit: Youth from One Heart One Soul
Art workshop at One Heart One Soul pre-Covid-19

Myths About Art

Mireya: When we first started the program eleven years ago, we connected with an individual who was going through depression and had been in and out of the ward for attempting suicide many times. One of the times that they had attempted suicide, their only request was for us to drop off art supplies.

Myths About Making Money

Mireya: There is this belief that non-profits should live a particular lifestyle or not obtain x amount of dollars. But really, a non-profit is a business model that focuses on people over profits, not that the team should live in a deficit mindset. Non-profits should be able to profit off of their skills. And we choose to push this profit to impact the lives of others.

Working with youth experiencing homelessness
One Heart One Soul office

Myths About Making a Difference

Mireya: One thing I’d say is to change your mindset and change your perspective.

A snack bar could make a big difference at times
Monarch Thrift Shop in Chicago

AltCap Note:

If you’d like to donate art supplies, please send them to One Heart One Soul Coalition, PO Box 481247, Niles, IL 60714. Monarch Thrift Shop is located at 2875 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60618.

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