The annual World Economic Forum at Davos has been postponed from January 2022 to summer. The Netherlands imposed strict lockdowns until mid-January. Broadway shows are closed, companies are delaying return to office plans and canceling holiday parties. …

Dinner party, reception, cocktail hour, fetes, mixer, soiree, luau, gala, party… All words that convey images of social gatherings, ranging from formal to informal, small to large. The labels and names of these get-togethers give an idea of what to expect.

But as we approach another holiday season filled with…

Small stacks of note cards and envelopes spread out on the table, waiting to be written, addressed, and mailed. Holiday classics play softly on Spotify, and the scented candle gives off scents of pine and firewood. It is that time of year for giving and forgiving, gathering and celebration.



Founder of Actv8 Network to increase the inclusion of women in tech. Author of The Altruistic Capitalist, about creating sustainable and prosperous businesses.

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